What Our Clients Love About Us


A Great Reputation

When you’re looking for a tutor to support yourself or someone else’s educational needs, the minimum requirement is subject knowledge. Beyond that, there are so many other crucial elements desired for productive learning to take place on a regular basis. Then consider the amount of potential options to choose from, all of whom are offering the same excellent service. Much like scrolling through endless films on multiple streaming services, the heavy weight of choice can be a demotivating slog. How I eventually decide is by reading the user reviews, where I’ll often receive an honest answer. Therefore, here are some of the key factors that our clients loved about Greenhouse Learning tutoring.

Building Confidence

One of the most frequent comments Greenhouse Learning receives relates to boosting confidence. When a person struggles to understand a topic, it is very natural for their heads to drop and throw in the towel. Hence, our tutors pride themselves on motivating students to not only persevere, but continually improve (one of our Greenhouse values). A review from Julie stated: “We noticed much more confidence when my daughter took her exams, and we were all pleased with the grades she got”. This was backed up by Marlek who praised Maths tutor Oscar for “building my son’s confidence and actually making maths fun”.

Making Connections

In the same vein as Marlek’s point, comments of confidence building usually come along with how we’ve kept students engaged. During the introductory process, we provide a specialist educational consultant to speak with the clients about their needs. This allows us to expertly match the student with a tutor that will form an instant impact and build rapport. In one of our recent Testimonial Tuesdays, Justin praised his experience with us because of these calls, allowing him “to introduce his son so that Greenhouse Learning could find out more about him to enable them to match a suitable tutor”. This was followed by Helen, who said “Johnny has really connected with Natalie and he’s improved so much”. 

Clear Communication

The support and service does not stop once we’ve completed the introduction calls either. After her son went from a Grade 6 to an 8, Becks details her Greenhouse Learning experience thusly: “From our first engagement with them to a final follow-up call after his results came through, the support and engagement has been excellent”. Communication is vital to conveying complex concepts but is also required for ensuring that both the tutor and student meet at the right time and place for lessons to proceed. After sharing her success story, Kate finished her review with the following: “Both tutors are punctual, polite and take time to understand my son’s needs and areas of weakness. I can’t say enough about them both”.

For more reviews and testimonials, they can be found on our social media (Facebook/LinkedIn/YouTube), Google User Reviews and on our website. If you’ve had a great experience with us, we would love to hear from you too!

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