Tutor Testimonials

Although we may be biased, we think that our tutors are the finest and we love building connections with them! Through their rigourous application process and the tutor matching framework, we ensure only the best are selected for your student’s, ultimately contributing to academic success! Here’s what a couple of our tutors think about working with our learners:


“Despite encountering disruptions in his education and facing additional needs that sometimes lead to moments of low self-esteem and perfectionist tendencies, witnessing J’s progress in our tutoring sessions has been truly inspiring. Right from our initial introduction, J’s natural aptitude for maths and his spirited competitiveness, especially during interactive games, became apparent. Building on this foundation, we embarked on an academic journey, exploring challenging topics through engaging activities and games, allowing his competitive spirit to thrive.

Recognizing J’s struggles with sustained focus, I tailored our sessions, incorporating shorter activities and regular breaks, which proved beneficial. Creating a supportive and nurturing environment has been paramount in empowering J, instilling confidence in his abilities and embracing challenges together.

A testament to his growth is J’s newfound enthusiasm for English sessions, a subject he previously disliked. His eagerness to share a piece of writing he was proud of with his mother highlights the remarkable progress and transformation he has undergone. Together, we continue to embrace challenges, celebrate achievements, and try to nurture a curiosity for learning that extends beyond our tutoring sessions.”

During our first few sessions, I could tell that L had become disillusioned with learning despite being very bright, and that he needed to build positive relationships with adults to support him to reengage with education and achieve his best. As L isn’t currently able to attend school full-time, I work with him for eight hours a week across three sessions in his home. As a Year 8 student, he is accessing the KS3 curriculum during his day at school, so I align our activities to this in terms of content and level, while also taking the time to fill in any gaps from upper KS2 where necessary. His favourite subject is maths, where he has massively improved in his confidence, fluency and resilience during our time together. When I first met him, he found writing a challenge, and really didn’t like science, but through giving L agency in choice of writing types and science topics, his attitude to both has become much more constructive. We have built a really positive, mutually respectful relationship through: ensuring there is always time to chat and take brain breaks, prioritising L’s needs, and taking into account his interests when planning activities. This is the great thing about working 1:1 – all the learning can be built around exactly what that young person needs and wants out of their education. It has been a joy working with L over the past year, and I look forward to continuing our learning journey!

It has been a pleasure to work with F this academic year. F’s education has been disrupted by Covid-19 and time spent in hospital and she expressed to me a desire to begin each topic with an overview of the basics at GCSE level, so that she could feel supported and confident as we began to cover the Year 12 Biology curriculum. We started with an overview of human physiology with a particular focus on cell structure, and then moved onto organ systems and digestion, looking at proteins, lipids and carbohydrates separately and in detail. F and I took the time to conduct depth studies into the basics of human anatomy, and chemistry topics such as chemical bonding and the periodic table, in order to enhance and transform F’s ability to comprehend Biological Matter and the Molecules of Life. Lessons take place in F’s home, and involve the use of worksheets and diagrams, videos, powerpoint presentations, textbook reading and question answering, as well as viva and in depth conversations as they relate to F’s studies. We take time to discuss and rehearse A-Level practicaIs that F can expect to undertake to cover the practical elements of the qualification. I am hoping that F will have a great baseline understanding before beginning this next year, as well as continuing with theoretical materials in preparation for the A-Level exam season.

Since starting our bi-weekly sessions in October 2023, my relationship with my tutee, E, has blossomed into a rewarding and mutually enriching experience. E, who is grappling with severe dyslexia and ADHD, initially faced formidable challenges in grasping Spanish grammar and verbs, despite his innate ability to speak the language due to his Spanish heritage. Early sessions were marked by some frustration on E’s side, as the formal grammar and conjugations sometimes felt like hurdles in his previously natural relationship with the language. Recognising his learning style, I adopted a gentle approach, in which his unique learning needs were addressed with tailored strategies. Over time, a palpable shift has occurred. E’s confidence has grown as he’s not only conquering the complexities of verb conjugation but he’s also discovering his own resilient capacity for learning, and he’s beginning to trust his own instinct when using his Spanish. He actively participates in our sessions, and tackles challenges with great determination; it’s incredibly satisfying for me to see the sense of achievement in his expression whenever he grasps a new concept. As our tutoring relationship progresses, witnessing E’s evolution fills me with pride. The journey with him exemplifies the impact that personalised, empathetic tutoring can have on a student’s academic journey and, more importantly, their self-esteem and confidence.

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