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Unlocking Potential: Understanding And Supporting Dyslexia In The UK

Dyslexia affects the way people process and understand written language. According to the British Dyslexia Association, approximately 10% of the UK population is affected by dyslexia.  Furthermore, the UK Department for Education reports that there has been a 33% increase in the number of students receiving exam access arrangements for dyslexia in the past five years. In

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EHCP: Giving Young People The Help They Need

An Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) is a legal document that outlines the support and provision that children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND) are entitled to. The process of obtaining an EHCP can be complex, so it’s important to understand the steps involved. Understanding EHCPs Education, Health, and Care
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NTP Funding: Tips and Tricks for UK Schools. How To Maximise Student’s Success

Unlock students’ potential with effective NTP funding use. Quality tutoring, data-driven support, and accountability are key!
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Safeguarding in Online Learning: Ensuring a Secure Educational Environment

Safeguarding in online learning: Protecting students from digital threats is a legal and moral obligation for education providers.
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Connection of the Post-COVID Pandemic to Mental Health, Education and the Role of Tutors in the UK

Discover how tutors play a crucial role in addressing the post-COVID mental health crisis and improving school attendance.
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Study Smart, Not Hard: Time Management Tips For Students

Unlock academic success with effective time management. Study smart, not hard. Learn key strategies and quotes.
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Teaching vs. Tutoring: Nurturing Minds Through Personalisation

Teaching shapes curriculum; tutoring shapes individuals.
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AI and Tutoring: Complementary, But Not Substitutable In Education

AI in education offers personalized learning but can’t replace human tutors’ emotional intelligence, adaptability, and mentoring.

Study Skills: Top Tips to Ace Your GCSEs and A-levels

The journey through GCSEs and A-levels can be both challenging and rewarding. These crucial exams can shape your academic future and open doors to countless opportunities. To excel in these examinations, it’s essential to develop effective study skills that will not only help you achieve great results but also build a strong foundation for your

Ice Breaker Tips for a First Tutoring Session

The initial tutoring session can be anxiety-inducing for both the tutor and student. Building rapport and creating a comfortable learning environment is crucial for a successful first start! Ice breakers are effective tools for helping students feel at ease and set a positive tone for future learning. In this blog, we’ll discuss creative ice breaker ideas and their role in fostering productive tutoring sessions.
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How To Successfully Complete The Jump Between GCSE And A-Levels

Congratulations on completing your GCSE exams and entering the exciting realm of A-level studies. This transition is a notable step towards higher education and specialisation. In this blog, we’ll offer advice, tips, and facts to help you smoothly navigate this important shift and maximize your A-level journey!