Nurturing students at every step

How We Work

Your tutoring journey is stress-free and as simple as 1, 2 3

Our 3 Steps for Success


Initial Consultation


Matching you to your best-fit tutor


Consistent and regular lessons

Step 1

Consultation: Creating a plan that allows your student to flourish

We understand that when it comes to tutoring, one size does not fit all.

That is why we start your tutoring journey with a free fact-finding and goal-setting meeting.

After learning more about you, your student and their goals, we design and recommend a personalised tutoring plan that will help your student to flourish.

Step 2

The perfect tutor: handpicked for your student’s growth

The perfect tutor match is at the root of our students’ success.

Our rigorous matching process ensures that your student will be paired with the ideal tutor for them.

We select tutors that are experts in their subject, and share common ground with your student, which fosters a strong tutor-tutee relationship which is so important for learning.

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Step 3

Lessons commence: watch your student bloom!

Once we’ve matched you to a tutor, they will typically start with a diagnostics session to understand where your student’s learning gaps are.

Following that, we will then map out the sessions for the next few weeks and months. It is important that lessons occur on a regular and consistent basis for the best results.

Throughout the programme, you will receive session reports after each session and regular check-ins from our team. It’s a chance for two-way feedback to occur.

Our Value Add – more than just subject tutoring…

Lesson reports for each tutoring session

Receive lesson reports summarising each session, so you can see what topics are being covered in the lessons and which areas your student is doing well or struggling in. It’s a good way of keeping track of progress, in addition to our check-ins

Time management and study organisation

Homework drama? Poor time-management? Revision block? We’ve got you covered.

Our tutors can act as a mentor and accountability buddy, to help your student plan out a revision schedule and stick to it. It’s amazing how much easier it is to get started on revision when you’ve planned out in advance what you will be doing and when!

This massively reduces anxiety, overwhelm and the resulting procrastination.

Exam skills and technique

Exam anxieties beginning to take root? We’ll coach you to clear the weeds from your mind

Our tutors equip you with all the tools they need to thrive: Essay planning, revision tips, recalling information and most importantly, finding the study techniques and schedule that work best for you, so you can work smartly and efficiently.

Payment Options

We can take payments in different forms – bank transfer, bank card, direct debit, and also childcare vouchers (i.e. tax-free childcare). Our Education Consultants will go through the options with you in your initial meeting.

We also have an online payment portal – existing clients can click below to pay quickly and securely.