How To Best Practice Random Acts Of Kindness


Random Acts of Kindness Day 2024 is on Saturday 17th February. 

The act of selflessly giving something to friends, family or even strangers without expecting a gift in return is a truly wonderful experience. The feeling of gifting something brightens both your days, and brings a sense of community and solidarity.

So why not continue the tradition throughout this week and give some kindness back to your community? Here, we have listed the top ways to demonstrate random acts of kindness to help you on your way to bringing a little bit of sunshine to someone’s day.

Writing Positive Messages in Public Places

By writing little messages of love and positivity, you could lift someone who might have needed it the most. Try writing on a post-it note and leaving it in public places, such as the inside of a book in a library, on a coffee shop table or a bus window. 

Being Kind to People in the Service Industry

Whether this be your postman, waitress or cashier at the shop, everyone deserves to feel like a human rather than a robot. We know that in this age, not everyone is able to leave a tip, which is absolutely fine! Instead, you can try telling them to have a nice day, tell their manager they did a good job, or even leave a review on their feedback cards.

Write a Handwritten Letter

When was the last time you wrote a letter and posted it, instead of typing some words on a small screen? We don’t know about you, but when we receive letters we smile just a little bit more, unless they’re from the gas company, of course.

Be a Friend to a Neighbour

How many of your neighbours do you know personally, rather than the occasional nod as you both step out the door? In this society, heightened by Covid-19 lockdowns, it is rare that neighbours know each other properly and interact more than the basic level. So how about you invite them over for dinner or write them a card for an occasion or public holiday? 

Interact with the Elderly

Often elderly people get lonely, especially during the winter months. You could give back to the community by visiting a care home and engaging with them in conversation. Or what about the lady who lives down the road who doesn’t seem to get many visitors? You could bring her over some flowers to brighten her day or a homemade card to let her know that she is seen.

Donate Blood

Donating blood is one random act of kindness that could save a life. The NHS Blood Donation needs 5,000 donations every day to meet the needs of patients across England. Giving blood only takes 10 minutes so why not book an appointment this week? Visit here to book an appointment.

Practice Self-Love

Random acts of kindness are often associated with giving something to someone else, but have you thought about being kind to yourself? Self-love is so important to motivate our positive behaviour whilst reducing negativity towards ourselves. So, this week why not wear an outfit that makes you feel good, look in the mirror and say out loud 3 positive things about yourself or treat yourself to your favourite food?


All these examples of random acts of kindness will be sure to lift your spirits and those receiving them. This concept is an amazing way of connecting communities and making everyone feel seen and accepted within it. Look at the Mental Health Foundation for more ideas to demonstrate random acts of kindness

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