Bristol Summer Holiday Club 2024

Growing Minds Holiday Club

Our annual Summer Holiday Club, Growing Minds, will be running once again from July 2024. Please check back on this page closer to the time for details!

Thank you to the families who attended our Growing Minds holiday club over Summer 2023. We really enjoyed seeing the mixture of fun and learning the children had during the sessions, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Want To Try Something New?

If so, why not bring them to our summer holiday club, where they can unleash their creativity and let their imaginations soar!

What Can You Expect?

The sessions will be incredibly enjoyable, fostering their creativity and encouraging the children to explore their imagination. While there will be educational aspects incorporated into the activities, we also recognise that summer is a time for fun and excitement! As a result, the sessions will be highly interactive, offering a diverse range of activities for the children to engage in. It’s an opportunity for them to think critically, indulge in their creativity, and learn while having fun!

Who Is Organising The Club?

Our holiday club is overseen by experienced tutors who work with children throughout the academic year, catering to both families and school clients. Our Growing Minds leaders are so excited to offer something unique and unforgettable during the summer.

Mondays – Drama – Life is a stage, make it your own!

These sessions will consist of lots of fun games. There will be improv, script-writing, developing plays in groups, stage fighting, different genres covered, and finishing with a big game at the end!

Tuesdays – History – Hunt through the past – it’s yours to discover!

These sessions will be enquiry-focused, with the children investigating historical events and characters, creating small projects around them, and coming up with their own conclusions. They will be finding out more about historical “heroes and villains” and deciding for themselves if they think they really were heroes or villains. There will be lots of fun, with historical re-enactments, the chance to choose your fighters, and maybe even the odd Rap Battle!

Wednesdays – Criminology – Be the investigator – Can you solve the crime?

These sessions will be about Whodunnits, in an escape-room style, where the children will be working in teams to find clues to try and work out who committed the crime amongst multiple suspects. They will then try the suspect in court and try to convict them with their evidence!

Thursdays – Creative Writing  – Let your imagination run wild!

In these sessions the children will have the chance to explore different genres of creative writing. They will be having lots of fun, getting creative and using their imagination! They will be creating new stories, sometimes in groups, and will also have the chance to re-imagine some of their favourite stories!

Friday – Music – Find your rhythm!

These sessions will be all about having fun with different genres of music. There will be lots of fun games, including rhythm games, music quizzes, singing games and music guessing games. And there will be the chance to design their own jukebox musical, be their own composer and maybe even create their own mini-band!