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Study Skill Resources To Enhance Your Education

We believe that every student deserves to have access to free study and revision material, so we have developed our own to help students flourish!

The Academic Growth Planner is designed to keep yourself organised and acts as the first step into dedicating your time complete homework or revision.

Free study skill resources

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You can download your own copy of our Academic Growth Planner for free. Put in your email to receive a link to the online template, as well as a PDF of how to get the most out of it.

How To Use Notion

Creating A Task

Your first step is to add a new task. This can be done at the bottom of your list by clicking on the + sign. You now need to assign a category for example, Maths or English. Don’t forget to colour code it to distinguish your different tasks!

Describing A Task

Make sure you describe in detail your task so you don’t waste time flipping through your notebooks! Super important part… add a date! There’s no use writing an amazing essay but forgetting when to submit it by!

Planning Your Time

Now you need to plan a date to complete the task. Make sure you leave more than enough time, just in case something unexpected comes up. Next assign your urgency and importance level; does this need to be completed soon or is it a low priority task? Is it really important or a bit of extra work? Don’t leave it to the last minute!


Set your status so you keep on top of how much you’ve done. Finally, add any comments you think might be beneficial like log in details or where the worksheet is! If you are not able to complete a task, don’t forget to re-plan time to finish it off!

Top Tips For Time-Management

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