Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

What Is An EPQ?

EQP (Extended Project Qualification) is a Level 3 qualification (worth half an A-level) that can be taken alongside A-levels. The EPQ is an independent research project that gives students a chance to develop skills preparing them for university projects including being self-led and mostly self-managed. Students will have to create a project based on their interests that accumulates to 120 hours of guided study. 

From the AQA specification students are required to:

  • Choose an area of interest 
  • Draft a title and aims of the project for formal approval by the centre 
  • Plan, research and carry out the project 
  • Deliver a presentation to a non-specialist audience 
  • Provide evidence of all stages of project development and production for assessment

The teaching in class will be focused on how to manage and plan projects, design an original field of study and the ability to gather relevant materials. Students will be given a supervisor who will help them go over their work and make sure that they are on track. 

AQA states the role of the student is to develop an idea for a project that they wish to carry out and discuss their ideas with a supervisor. 

Students will then: 

  • Conduct research to enable them to sufficiently develop project aims and objectives to make a formal project proposal 
  • Document their planning and research within the Production Log 
  • Meet with the supervisor at specified meetings to discuss the project’s progress
  • Carry out the project by achieving the aims and objectives they set 
  • Prepare and present the project product and process (including a question and answer session) 
  • Evaluate the project process 
  • Submit evidence for assessment (production log and project product)

AQA states that if students are working as part of a group, each student’s individual contribution to the end product must be pre-approved by the centre’s co-ordinator. Students working as a group must submit individual assessment evidence and presentation. Evidence submitted for assessment must show how each student has met the assessment objectives.

The End-Product

Final project 

By the end of this project, the student will have developed their project and created a “final project”. This can take two forms: either a 5000-word dissertation-style write-up or a 1000-word write-up alongside an “artefact”. An artefact can take many different forms that are agreed with the student’s supervisor, for example, a composition, artwork, software or model. The write-up for this would explain the process of creating the artefact and the research that went into designing and creating it. 

Production log

This is where the student shows how they went about creating their project. They must fill out the production log, answering questions for each section.


Students must deliver a 10-15 minute live presentation on their project to a non-specialist audience. Students will get marked on their presentation skills and it is also an opportunity to show their knowledge around the topic. 

You can find more information on the AQA website here.

How Can We Support?

We have many experienced tutors who have tutored students completing an EPQ, completed one themselves, or have written a dissertation for their degrees, encompassing the same skills and techniques. Our tutors are equipped with the skills required to support your student in writing style, research techniques and overall supportive advice to allow them to reach their highest potential.