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Have you ever considered becoming a tutor with Greenhouse Learning? Maybe you’re already in the application process and are doing some interview prep (in which case, so far so good!). After a few years in the role, I can often be found waxing lyrical about how fulfilling educating is and its many benefits. Naturally, if anyone is still listening after my hundredth speech, they ask what skills are required to become a tutor. Hence, here are a few traits I look for in potential candidates.


One of the key parts to tutoring is being prepared. Why would a student be enthused to study if their teacher is late or covering the wrong topic? Double check you have all of the equipment ready to teach prior to sessions. Somehow, students always ask a question that catches you off guard, so make sure you know the curriculum. Even when you can’t answer something instantaneously, preparedness is keeping resources nearby to report back for the next session.

If your intention is to juggle multiple jobs as well as general day-to-day activities, your schedule can get very hectic fast. Therefore, a regularly updated calendar will become your new best friend. Implementing lesson plans spanning a term shows a clear trajectory to follow, creating a structured learning environment that’s easier to manage. They also act as evidence of progress in the right direction, which can be shared with clients to extinguish any anxieties. Altogether, showing that you’re organised proves to me you can handle the long-term commitment of tutoring.


The reason I value organisation so highly is because of how flexible you will have to be – yoga not required. As exams roll around, schedules enter a state of flux for both students and tutors. Now, I’m not saying be available 24/7, but being able to move appointments can help strengthen the working relationship. Flexibility also factors into lesson preparation too. You may have put a lot of work into this Factorising presentation but the student turns up with urgent Circles homework. It doesn’t need to be thrown away, just be adaptable!

Customer Service

Whilst customer service is associated more closely with retail and bar work, it is also vital for tutoring. As well speaking with the students, you will be interacting with parents, guardians, organisations and us at Greenhouse Learning. Being able to communicate clearly between clients and management further shows your capability to convey information as a tutor. Equally, having a friendly manner will get the most out of your students. A positive attitude can be contagious, especially useful for those feeling unconfident in their subjects.


This will likely sound very cliché, but a passion for teaching is non-negotiable. As I have highlighted in this article, tutoring a student is a long-term commitment requiring consistent effort throughout. You might be especially busy or tired one week but you still need to turn up to lessons at 100%, ready to assist. What maintains this resiliency, what drives us forward, is the passion to teach.

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