There is so much information out there about SEND on the internet, and it can be difficult to know where to start and how to find the most useful and relevant information to support your child or your pupils. So here is our guide with links to a mix of general information, longer academic research papers going into more depth, and educational resources and teaching strategy ideas. 

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About Dyslexia

British Dyslexia Association is one of the best resources for gathering information and support on dyslexia. This link contains an explanation of what dyslexia is and links to helpful information. (Very Easy Reading)

Dyslexia International Association goes into a lot more detail about the ins and out of dyslexia and gives a detailed approach to explaining what dyslexia is. (Easy Reading)

Very interesting paper on teachers’ relationship with dyslexia. As well as giving a detailed rundown of dyslexia it provides a study on teacher training and dyslexia. (Academic Paper)

Very good book that is a compilation of different journals and studies on dyslexia. Has a lot of information on all aspects of dyslexia. However, it is slightly outdated but still valid in a lot of areas. (Book)

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BDA with a very good concise guide to identifying dyslexia in primary aged children. (Very Easy Reading)

Similar information but goes into a little more depth. (Easy Reading)

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Very nice concise guide into different teaching strategies for dyslexic students. (Easy Read)

Another nice easy to read website that details some different teaching strategies. (Easy Read)

This book does cover a lot of areas of dyslexia but goes into a lot of detail about teaching dyslexia and dyslexia in the classroom. Covers teaching styles, learning methods and many more. (Book)

Academic paper that covers dyslexia in a secondary school setting. Details how schools need to accommodate for dyslexic students and the best approaches for teaching dyslexic students. (Dense Academic Paper)

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This paper is a very good in depth analysis of the idea of dyslexia and the self. It explains how people with dyslexia view themselves, their relationship with others and overall self esteem. It is a very good read to understand more about how people with dyslexia view themselves and themselves in social circles. (Academic Paper)

Another interesting paper on the effect of dyslexia on emotional areas of life. This study goes into depth about how dyslexia can affect behavioural issues, self- esteem and isolation. Good study to help you understand how dyslexia can affect mental health. (Academic Paper)

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