Childhood Disintegrative Disorder (CDD)

CDD is a very broad term for lots of different forms of SEN that can include, ASD, ADHD and Dyslexia, and additionally more complex needs that can include physical and severe needs. As it is very broad and not just one SEN, it is hard to generalise but here are some links that can help you understand CCD and strategies for teaching. 

About CDD

Wonder Baby gives a clear overview of the different paths CDD can take. It goes over how it can affect different people and some of the different SEN that it contains or can lead to. (Easy Read)

Amazing website with lots of different links and resources about different conditions that is a part of CDD. A very helpful website if you want more depth information and different CDD conditions. (Easy Read)

Student walking in to a classroom

The Warren Center goes into a little more detail about CDD, what can cause it and some early signs. It also goes though some different variations of CDD. (Easy Read)

This website has some good overviews on information covering different CDD SENs. It covers a lot of different styles and is a good starting website to give you a good general knowledge.  

All Play Learn has information on Developmental Delay with methods and strategies that can be used to help children. It primarily focuses on Early Years Education.

The following academic papers give a good insight into the emotional needs of different CDD SENs. If you want to deepen your understanding on CDD or have had a recent diagnosis in your family or classroom, these will help you understand how to care for them emotionally.

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