Exam Results Aren’t As You’d Hoped? What To Do Next


Disappointed by your exam results? Read on…

So the long nervous wait over the summer is almost done, it’s almost time for GCSE and A Level Exam Results Days! We really hope this will be a time of relief and excitement, as you get the results you were hoping for. But if things don’t work out as hoped, and you aren’t able to get into your first-choice college or university, what are the steps you can take? 

GCSE Results 

If your GCSE results aren’t what you’d hoped for, firstly, don’t panic! You can resit any subjects you need to, and if you’re planning on going on to college or sixth form, often they will let you do your A Levels or other course and prepare for your resits at the same time. Depending on the subjects you didn’t get the grades in and the requirements of the course you’re wanting to do, they may still let you do the course. So get in touch with them straight away to discuss. 

GCSE English and Maths are a necessity

No matter which further study you want to do, getting a Grade 4 in GCSE English and Maths are a must.  But you will normally be able to resit them alongside doing your further study. And you will need to keep resitting them until you get a Grade 4, so you will need to prioritise working on them. So get in touch with your school or college to discuss, and if you need extra help in getting to a Grade 4, get a tutor in to help. Book a tutor here

Have a Plan B

Often, you will be able to negotiate with your preferred school or college to still get in to do the course you were wanting to do, but it is worth having a Plan B just in case that doesn’t work out. So spend some time ahead of results day thinking about what other options you might want to do, whether it be other subjects, other schools or colleges, or different courses, such as Apprenticeships. Then have their details ready to call around them if you’re not able to get into your chosen option. 

A Level Results

If your A Level results aren’t what you’d hoped for and it means you haven’t got the grades for the university course you were wanting to get on to, and if they won’t agree to still let you on to the course, again, don’t panic! You will still be able to find a different course or university that you’ll be able to make work for you. 

UCAS Clearing Process – Prepare, prepare, prepare!

If you’re not able to get on to your chosen course, you can then go through the Clearing process, to find something else. Make sure you have prepared in advance before results day some other options of courses and universities which you might be interested in. Even if you’re feeling very confident that you aced your exams and you’re going to get the grades, you don’t really know until you open that envelope. So have other options and their contact details ready, just in case you need to start calling around them. And the key will be getting on to it quickly, so you don’t want to be spending time thinking about what you might want to do. Make sure you know which backup options you want to contact, if the need arises. You can find further information on going through the Clearing process here: UCAS Clearing 2022

Good luck!

And finally, good luck with it all! We hope you get the grades you wanted, but if you don’t, with good preparation, you can surely succeed in getting into a next step that works for you! 

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