Helping students of all ages become independent learners.

Adult Education

Having supported over 1000 children cross our region, we are now deploying our expert tutors to serve the Adult Education sector.

For Schools

Upskill your school community by hosting courses in your building.

Who can attend?

Parents, support staff, & local people aged above 19+

What courses will there be?

We will start with Level 2 Functional Skills in Maths and English, followed by Level 1/2 teaching qualifications. Each class will be made up of 10 learners.

When are the courses?

Our tutors will deliver the courses during the school day. Length of course will be between 3 months to 1 year.

For Colleges, Local Authority and Funded Prime Providers

Subcontract out your AEB funding to us. We can find learners for you, and deliver the course on your behalf.

How will you find learners?

We will partner with schools to reach learners in disadvantaged areas in the city and region. Through our work on the National Tutoring Programme, we have developed strong relationships with school leaders, and a number of them have expressed keen interest in working with us

What due diligence has been done on you as a training provider?

We have been approved to be a learning provider on Bristol City Council’s Alternative Learning Provision, and we are also an approved provider on the DfE’s National Tutoring Programme.

As such, we have been through extensive safeguarding, financial and quality assessments to deliver training/learning services.

How do you vet your course leaders?

We have a very thorough recruitment process before having our tutors and course leaders work for us. Each candidate is interviewed in-person by a member of our team, and asked to teach a demo lesson during the interview. We recruit throughout the year, and have an active tutor pool of between 100-150 expert tutors.

For Apprenticeship companies and Independent Training Providers

Sort out Functional Skills English & Maths qualifications for your apprentices, so they’re ready for their end-point assessments

How can Greenhouse Learning help?

Our Maths and English tutors teach up to A-level and can be deployed to tutor your apprentices to pass their Functional Skills exams. Lessons could take place either virtually, or in-person. We also have a premise on Gloucester Road, BS7, that can be used to host lessons

What if we already have in-house tutors?

Our tutors will work with your company’s staff to make sure our lesson plans are aligned with yours. We understand that there are recruitment challenges with finding Maths tutors, for example. Having an additional tutor workforce that you can call on, and work with you, will allow you to support more apprentices and hence scale your business quicker.

Can the apprenticeship levy be used to pay for lessons?

Yes, we believe that it can be allocated to the cost of training. Or you can check with your Ofsted or ESFA to be sure.

Helping students of all ages become independent learners.

We’re Here to Help

To find out more about our Adult Education Programmes, please get in touch with us to discuss your needs.
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