There is so much information out there about SEND on the internet, and it can be difficult to know where to start and how to find the most useful and relevant information to support your child or your pupils. So here is our guide with links to a mix of general information, longer academic research papers going into more depth, and educational resources and teaching strategy ideas. 

About ADHD

Young Minds have lots of different links to different areas of ADHD. They have a good section on what ADHD is and how to maximise your potential living with it. This is a great website for an overview on ADHD. (Easy Read)

Kids Health is another website detailing the signs, causes and diagnosis of ADHD.

This NHS website gives a good clinical analysis and effects of ADHD. They have lots of links to different resources and help getting treatment or support. (Easy Read)

A very interesting paper but can be slightly controversial on children faking or exaggerating their ADHD. As it is a very common SEN, it’s easy for children to get diagnosed with ADHD and then use that as “excuses” for learning. However, a lot of children do suffer with ADHD and it does affect their learning so it is not the case for everyone. 

Very good and useful website that details lots of very helpful teaching tips for students with ADHD. Would highly recommend this website to teachers or TA’s with ADHD students; or even parents who want to offer extra support. (Medium Difficulty Read)

An interesting paper on the effectiveness of teaching if the teacher has been ADHD trained. A very good insight into how important the correct training is to create useful sessions. Also offers good information on teaching ADHD students. (Fairly Easy Read Academic Paper)

Useful read for people with ADHD or people who support those with ADHD about managing emotions. Very supportive blogs with links to different resources that help support. (Easy Read)

ADDitude is a great website that offers lots of different blogs and useful resources and a great supportive community. This is a link to one of their blogs on managing intense emotions with ADHD which is very insightful, but check out the rest of the website. (Easy Read)

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